Self-Organised Construction

3rd International Workshop on Self-Organised Construction (SOCO)

Are you working on construction or self-assembly, for example, with robots, cyber-physical systems, agents, or social insects? The SOCO workshop focuses on self-organizing strategies to build architecture.
The workshop on Self-organising Construction (SOCO) is one of the International Workshops on Foundations and Applications of Self-* Systems (FAS*) held in the context of the IEEE International Conferences on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organising systems (SASO) and on Cloud and Autonomic Computing (ICAC).

Umea, Sweden, June 17, 2019 June 20, 2019

Submission deadline: March 3, 2019 March 15, 2019
Acceptance notification: April 1, 2019

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SOCO is on self-organised construction and we want to cumulate, present, discussing, and advance new research results from theory and practice as well as novel scientific concepts and methodologies. Originally inspired by nest construction in social insects, the general concept relies on a large number of agents that coordinate their construction efforts by prompting and reacting to local stimuli. Recently, with the wake of robotic swarms and novel material processing approaches, including for instance 3D printing techniques and innovative deployment of carbon fibres, self-organising construction is quickly gaining tremendous transformative significance in the context of various design and construction processes. These include also the construction, extension, and renovation of architectural buildings, engineering design, industrial assembly, and landscape architecture. Our focus is on the design and management of self-organising construction from a computational perspective.


  • 14.00 - Welcome and Introduction
  • 14.15 - "Swarm materialization through discrete, nonsequential additive fabrication." D. Andreen, A. Goidea, A. Johansson and E. Hildorsson.
  • 14.50 - "Self-Organized Construction by Minimal Surprise."
  • T. K. Kaiser and H. Hamann.
  • 15.30 - Coffee is served nextdoor.
  • 16.00 - "Self-organized Construction by Population Coding." M. Niess and H. Hamann.
  • 16.35 - "Design and prototyping of a single axis, building material integrated, distributed robotic assembly system." S. Leder, R. Weber, D. Wood, O. Bucklin and A. Menges.
  • 17.10 - Discussion
  • 17:30 - End

Special Interests

  • Self-organising biologically inspired construction models
  • Analysis and design of coordinating construction algorithms
  • Agent-based simulations of building usage
  • Self-organising robot groups and swarms for construction
  • Computational metrics for evaluating complex structures (e.g., complexity, energy efficiency, structural integrity of buildings)
  • Parameterisation, evaluation, optimisation of artefact utilisation and purpose
  • Decentralised supply chains of construction materials
  • Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for self-organised construction and maintenance
  • 3D printing technologies for self-organised construction
  • Applications in architectural design, building engineering, landscaping, industrial design, engineering and manufacture and swarm robotics
  • Interfaces for human inspection and control of self-organising construction systems
  • Modelling and simulation techniques, tools and platforms for self-organising construction


Submitted papers of up to six pages will be evaluated in a single-blind reviewing process by the workshop committee members. Accepted papers will be submitted for publication to the FAS* workshop proceedings through IEEE. All papers need to follow the IEEE DL format of the SASO conference and follow the IEEE Computer Society Press proceedings style guide. Please submit your paper through EasyChair:
We are looking for contributions that present novel theoretical or experimental results, novel design patterns, mechanisms, system architectures, frameworks or tools, or practical approaches and experiences in building or deploying real-world systems and applications. We ask the authors to ensure that their submissions comply with the high standards in ingenuity and quality as expected by the SASO conference in general.

Recent Activities

Programme Committee Members

  • Phil Ayres
  • Peter Bentley
  • Marco Dorigo
  • René Doursat
  • Ilaria Mazzoleni
  • Achim Menges
  • Nils Napp
  • Kirstin Petersen
  • Hiroki Sayama
  • Kasper Stoy
  • Joshua Taron
  • Justin Werfel
  • Ales Zamuda

Organisers and Workshop Chairs

Former organising member: Ingo Mauser